Ceiling Construction

The ceiling construction consists of solid & chunky wooden beams (joists). Insulation is fitted between the joists as well as on top of the ceiling-floor to prevent heat losses and to avoid noise transmission between the different rooms/floor levels. Another layer of insulation is fitted between the wall and the floor-layers in order to protect from sound transmission via the wall. On top of the ceiling floor insulation we apply solid Anhydrite floor screed to achieve a noise reducing ceiling structure which can be used even for apartments. Anhydrite solid floor screed has great attributes of optimizing the heat gain from the underfloor heating system. Our multiple construction layers make the engineered ceiling structure very sturdy. Home owners will benefit from saving money on heating costs as well as enjoying a comfortable, peaceful and relaxing living environment – noise free. The final floor décor will be chosen by the home owner from a wide selection of finishes e.g. tiles, carpets, parquets, laminates, wooden flooring etc.

Ceiling image Ceiling Image

  1. Visible wooden beam (joist) ceiling (left picture)
  2. Closed and painted ceiling (right picture)
Design: Gráinne Carroll