Roof Construction

Our smart thermo insulated roof construction works hand in hand with the smart thermo insulated wall and floor build-up to provide a completely intelligent insulation package for the entire house. Roof insulation is fitted tightly between the chunky rafter beams – the full depth of the rafters! The immense thickness and high attributes of the insulation used in our construction highlights again, the attention to detail and outstanding quality we put in our homes for you. The timber we work with are from controlled forestry grows, dryed and planed. The timber quality is comparable with the timber that is needed for furnitures. High strength gluelaminated engineered timber beams are used in our roof and house construction and have the strength to withhold heavy snow bearings as well as outlast earthquakes.

Roof Construction U-Value: 0.17 W/m2K

Roof Image Roof Image

  1. Visible timber beam roof construction (left picture)
  2. Closed and painted roof construction with partly exposed timber beam structure and window sky-lights (right picture)
Design: Gráinne Carroll