Wall Construction

External Wall & Internal Wall Construction:

Our external smart thermo insulated wall has A-rated energy saving & load bearing attributes, that are astonishing. The actual wooden timber frame superstructure is 220 mm wide and therefore extremely strong. Fully insulated between the timber-frame and with additional insulation mounted on the outside. A specially designed service cavity wall is build on the inside of the external wall. On that service cavity wall all the sockets, switches and plumbing works are mounted and don’t interfere or damage the main external wall or the airtightness at all. German Homes-Wolf Haus are aware, that this construction is more complex but results in outstanding air-tightness and is therefore perfect for passive houses. Once again it shows, we do not skimp on quality, even if it is more labour and material intensive.

Our internal walls are sheathed with wooden material boards (OSB boards) and natural plasterboard on both sides. This means, you can fit have objects like kitchen units etc. everywhere – on the entire wall – without any problems. All internal & external walls are sound and heat insulated.

External Wall U-Value: 0.14 W/m2K

Wall Section

  1. The left hand side wall picture shows our A-rated standard insulation wall section
  2. The right hand side wall picture shows our A-rated ecological wall section (diffusion open = breathable wall construction) – with an additional emphasis on natural and environmental materials.
Design: Gráinne Carroll