On site construction

The construction of a turn-key-finished home will depend on the house size and complexity. It usually takes from commencing erection on site until the house is ready for occupation between 8 to 14 weeks. The entire process from agreement on your house plans & designs until the turn-key-finish hand-over of your home – can be achieved within six months.

Foundation / Basement:

  • The foundation/basement is built either by your own contractor or by us. If your own building contractor is building the foundation/basement, we will inspect it before the construction elements arrive on site. All involved parties (e.g. architects etc.) are briefed about the time schedule of the building process.
  • If German Homes is building the foundation, then we’re constructing it as a passive-house raft foundation with a u-value of 0.1 W/m2K – one of the best insulated foundations available. It complements the house construction and provides a complete insulated house envelope. We calculate the load bearings with our own engineer as well as signing off and certifying it.
  • After successful inspection of the site and foundation, the house assembly commences. The house elements will be loaded on to articulated lorries and delivered to the site.

Site construction commences:

Day 1 – 5
  • Assembly of closed-panel wall and house construction on site. The house is secured right from the start  and lockable as well as weather proofed sealed.
Day 5 – 7
  • Fascia, sofits, gutters and roof coverings are fitted.
Week 7 – 11
  • External finishes completed e.g. stone or brick , wooden cladding , coloured render etc.
  • Internal finishes completed e.g. first and second fixing (carpentry work)
  • Wall, ceiling and floor finishes (e.g. tiles, carpets, painting, etc.) completed
  • Electrical, Heating- and sanitary installations fitted
  • Kitchen and items like bathroom fittings fitted and mounted (e.g. mirror, toilet paper holder, sanitary ware etc.)
  • Finishing touches to house completed
Week 8 -12
  • Final house inspection with quality control conducted.
  • House handed over to new and proud owner of a German Homes.
Design: Gráinne Carroll