Passive Foundations

Construction Foundation

Foundation Our foundations are built using structural Polystyrene (EPS) engineered to take loads of up to 120kN/m, making it an excellent choice for any type of structure when buildingĀ Passive Houses. EPS 300 can take loads of up to 120kN/m2 which is about 12 tonne/m2. The foundation perimeter (outside face) is cladded with a special water and heat resistant board, which can be painted or plastered and will round-up the finishing look of your foundation.

Building, literally on three unique properties of EPS; high compressive strength combined with extremely low water absorption and excellent insulating values, the load bearing walls and floor slab of your building sit on top of the insulating layer practically eliminating heat loss to the ground. We can accommodate any style and design of foundation (also split level foundations etc.). Every foundation will be custom made to suit your house construction.

Insulated Raft foundations are suitable for use with Timber or Steel Frame, Insulated Concrete Form or Block construction methods. Our insulated foundations are suitable for new dwellings like houses as well as extensions.

Passive-House-Foundation Advantages:

  • Lower heating cost
  • Much better living comfort
  • Foundation safe against rising dampness
  • Eliminates thermal bridge to ground
  • Amazing u-value of 0.1 W/m2K
  • 40% less concrete used in construction
  • Clean finishing look – foundation sides can be painted or plastered
  • Radon barrier compatible
  • Ideal for under floor heating
Design: Gráinne Carroll