Solid Block Edition Homes

With our “Solid Block Edition” construction method we’re giving our customers the option, of building a Passive House with German Know-How and German materials completely turn-key-finished at an affordable price.

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  • Wall ties
  • Block edition wall detail illustration
  • Ecobead
  • cavity wall side view
  • block top view
  • block top view
  • build view
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16 times better than standard wall ties). The EPS beadings are pressure pumped and glued together – reaching every corner and void within the wall cavity. With our solid block construction we achieve Passive House standard and an outstanding u-value of 0.12 W/m2K.

The roof to wall construction details is also quite unique – again to reduce cold bridging and allow an uninterrupted insulated envelope of the house. A double wall plate is used on each leaf with the rafter tying leafs together. The attic is insulated with 600mm of insulation to a u-value of 0.10 W/m2K.

German Homes has a proven track record and experience of building highly energy-efficient homes in Ireland since 2001. Attention to detail and the right understanding of passive house construction results in a stunning low energy/ passive house building and high quality living comfort for the owners. The main materials are sourced in Ireland (concrete blocks, sand and cement for the render, timber for the roof construction, etc.), which makes the house construction much more cost-effective and affordable for most people in the current climate. Additional materials – windows, special wall ties etc. are imported from Germany.

The house construction is based on solid block – 2 layers of 100mm block and with up to 300mm cavity in between. Special wall ties reducing the conductivity and cold bridging (approx.

Design: Gráinne Carroll