Energy Plus

Energy PLUS

Passive and Low Energy Home

Infrared Heat loss detector

With our service cavity wall constructions, our buildings employ the passive house system. We guarantee a highly sealed house envelope as no sockets, switches or other installations penetrate the outside wall. This results in an very air-tight house.

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Passive Foundations & Basements


German homes offer the option to build and manage individual and custom designed basements and cellars. With a team based in Ireland and the UK, we manage and construct basements according to the customer’s individual design and layout.

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Heating Systems

Heating Solutions

At German Homes we provide a broad range of heating system options depending upon your needs. From heat pumps to geothermal solutions, solar panel to solid fuel. We also offer rain water harvesting solutions as well as smart home technology.

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At German Homes we install highly energy efficient triple glazed windows as standard in all our fit-outs. Manufactured by the German brand manufacturer HBI our windows surpass all building requirements. You can also choose from a selection of different window materials.

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Client Testimonials

German Homes took all the stress out of building our new home. David is very knowledgeable and seems to keep up with the current trends

Kelly Lynch – Wicklow
Design: Gráinne Carroll