• Air to Water Heatpump System

    Air to Water Heatpump System

    Air to water heat pumps extract energy from outside air (even when the air is cold) they require no drilling or digging and are an ideal solution for most existing houses.

  • Geothermal – Vertical collector

    Geothermal – Vertical collector

    A well is drilled into the ground and a “ground probe” is installed. Heat transfer takes place in the well, using groundwater or grout as a thermal conductor to aid heat transfer.

  • Geothermal – Horizontal Collector

    Geothermal – Horizontal Collector

    Most common collection method in larger sites, as it is cheaper to install than vertical. Efficiency is the same as vertical, though some extra collector pipework is necessary.

  • Solar Panels – Flat & Tube Collectors

    Solar Panels – Flat & Tube Collectors

    Solar Water Heaters are a cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly way to generate up to 70% of the hot water needed for you home. From water for showers, or a low-cost heat source.

  • Photovoltaic Panels

    Photovoltaic Panels

    Photovoltaic panels generate electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.

  • Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbines

    A wind turbine is a generator installed on top of a tower that converts wind energy into electricity, to be used in your home, farm or factory.

  • Heat Recovery System

    Heat Recovery System

    Heat recovery ventilation can continually remove moist, stale air and replace it with fresh pre-heated air. These air changes reduce
    the material present in the air which is either inhaled or falls onto the carpets and soft furnishings.

  • Pressurised domestic water system

    Pressurised domestic water system

    A pressurised water system is a combined storage and pumping solution.
    This takes the place of the traditional cold water storage in the attic, which provides generally poor pressure to showers, taps etc.

  • Rainwater Harvesting

    Rainwater Harvesting

    Rainwater harvesting systems channel rainwater that falls on to a roof into storage via a system of gutters and pipes.

  • Solid fuel / gas stoves

    Solid fuel / gas stoves

    Stoves are 95% efficient versus open fires which are 15-20% efficient they reduces heating requirement and help your home achieve a better energy rating.

  • Smart Home Technology

    Smart Home Technology

    The installation of modern cabling and technology systems, providing home owners with access to a wide range of communication and entertainment services.