About Foundations

FoundationA foundation is the base for any house, extension or building. It is absolutely vital that the foundation is correct, strong and sound for the building on top of it. Everything begins and ends here. It enhances and completes the envelope of a low energy or passive house. The results are felt and shown clearly in living comfort and measurable in conserving heating costs.

Foundation shelfWe build individually designed passive house foundations – according to your own house design. Every foundation is constructed in correspondence with your house builder. Because our passive-house-foundations are individually engineered and built, we can construct the right passive-house-foundation to suit your house footprint – regardless of shape and size. No matter what the ground conditions, we have the experience of building passive-house-foundations all over Ireland (nationwide) including an island of the westcoast. Our passive-house-foundation, with an amazing u-value of 0.1 W/m2K, is one of the best insulated foundations on the market.

Design: Gráinne Carroll